2023,  Spring Fair (FKA Cherry Blossom Fair)

Don’t miss out on VIP access!

Want to make the most of Cherry Blossom Fair (CBF)? Pre-purchase the tokens and wristbands that are the “currency” of the Fair. Skip the queues of people lining up to purchase tokens on the day and head straight to the food, drinks, games, and arts and crafts!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cherry Blossom Fair (CBF) runs on a combination of:

  • Wristband
  • Token
  • Cash

These take the hassle out of lining up for tokens throughout the day when your kids just want to keep playing! A wristband gets the wearer the following:

  • All-you-can-play in the Games area, including the rock climbing wall
  • A mini-photo session similar to Fall Fling, by professional photographer Marisa Shimamoto
    • Only available to wristband holders
    • Only one wristband holder required for group photos
  • Scavenger Hunt stamp card
  • MYP VIP Lounge access (G6 and above only)

They are the “currency” of CBF and can be used to purchase:

  • Food & drinks
  • Arts and crafts activities
  • Games

For those who don’t wish to purchase the all-you-can-play wristbands, individual games can also be paid for with tokens.

Food & Drinks:

There will be many delicious food options to sample at the Fair. They typically range from ¥100 to ¥800, and we are confident that you will want to try at least two or three items!

Arts and Crafts:

These fun activities range from ¥100 to ¥500.


Our individual games range from ¥100 to ¥400.

  • 1 plastic token – ¥100 value
  • 1 wooden token – ¥200 value (only available via pre-sale)

All pre-sale orders will receive a combination of plastic and wooden tokens.

Cash can only be used at:

  • Bazaar sale
  • Used Books sale
  • Art Auction
  • Silent Auction

You may purchase:

  • Token – ¥1,000 value increments
  • Wristband – ¥2,000 each

Absolutely! As a family member at TIS, you have the opportunity to pre-purchase the tokens and wristbands so you can head straight to food booths, games, and arts and crafts on the day while the general public will have to queue to purchase them at the door.

Please submit the order form below.

They may be paid for:

  • Cash (via envelope with your child’s name & grade to the TFC drop box)
  • Credit card payment via Stripe

Please note that Stripe charges a handling fee which will be equivalent to:

  • Extra ¥37 per ¥1,000 worth of tokens
  • Extra ¥75 per wristband

The last day to submit your Pre-Order form and payment is Friday, April 7. Please drop off your payment at the TFC Dropbox behind the library.

If you miss pre-purchasing the tokens and wristbands, you can still purchase them on the day of the Fair.

They will be available for pick up near the 1st floor library on Friday, April 14 during the Parent-Teacher Conferences. 

Please advise if you won’t attend on the day so we can make alternate arrangements.

in the Games area
(incl. rock climbing wall)

Mini-photo session 
(Only available to
wristband holders
(Only one wristband holder
required for group photos)

Scavenger Hunt 
stamp card

MYP VIP Lounge access
(G6 and above only)

Food & drinks

Arts and crafts

Bazaar sale

Used Books sale

Art Auction

Silent Auction
HOW MUCH¥2,000 each¥1,000 value increments

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