2023,  Cherry Blossom Fair

A Special Thank You…

The entire Cherry Blossom Fair (CBF) team are all astonished with how generously people from both the TIS community and local/global businesses have donated some absolutely spectacular prizes and food this year. Our fair relies entirely on your support to raise money for our three nominated charities – Playground of Hope, Just peoples, and TIS Grants.

We would like to thank all the following TIS families and donors for their support:

TIS Families

The Arai Family | The Bono Family | The Brooks Family | The D’Ambrosio Family | The Endrizzi Family | The Fantin Family | The Kaneda Family | The Kerr Family | The Li Family | The Mallows Family | The Scaravelli Family | The Taub Family | The Uchida Family | The Utsumi Family | The Wang Family | The Wheeler Family | The Yamashita Family | The Yanagisawa Family

Local/Global Businesses

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