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Ahhh… Spring is in the air!

Cherry Blossom at Meguro River

We hope you’ve been enjoying this gorgeous spring weather for the past few days! All this warm weather has changed the cherry blossom predictions. It now looks like our Explorers date of March 22 will be about as PERFECT as it gets for cherry blossom viewing! They are now due to start opening around March 15, with full bloom around March 24.

Meguro River offers some of the best views of cherry blossoms in Tokyo. Cherry trees lined along the river cast their reflection in the water, which is absolutely divine! Let’s not forget about all the fun “Yatai” street food stalls serving everything from strawberries and champagne, to castella cake and yakitori.

Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Time: 9:00 – TBD (you will have plenty of time to get to school for pick-up)

Location: Nakameguro

For the exact meet-up location, please join our WhatsApp group or contact us!

(Updated on March 22, 2023)

It turned out to be a gorgeous spring day! Sunshine, blue sky, 23 °C… Couldn’t be a better day for our adventure! These photos were taken by the TIS families today.

Not only did the Explorer Club enjoy their walk, our running club, Scrambled Legs, enjoyed their run along the river this morning!!

Spring is here, and we are so happy to finally see lots of smiling faces (No more masks!).

Scrambled Legs at Meguro River

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