2023,  Spring Fair

2023 Raffle tickets are finally here!

The raffle is one of the biggest fundraisers of the Cherry Blossom Fair (CBF) and we need your help to sell the tickets! This year we are fortunate to have many fantastic raffle prizes – thanks to the generous donations from TIS families, local / global businesses and companies. 

All proceeds from raffle ticket sales support our 3 charitable causes: Playground of Hope, Just Peoples and TIS Grants

If you would like to order more raffle tickets, please click below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Raffle Tickets

A packet which contains 2 books of raffle tickets, 2 posters, and the information sheet about the Fair will be delivered to each student on Friday, March 10. Please feel free to use those posters to spread the word!

  • 1 raffle ticket ¥250
  • 10 tickets ¥2,500
  • 20 tickets ¥5,000

As many tickets as they wish to sell. Our goal is for each student to sell at least 20 raffle tickets.

Families near and far, friends, neighbors, colleagues and people in the local community

Please fill in the purchaser’s name, email, and phone number on the raffle ticket stub.

Please write down your child’s name on the ‘Sold by’ line on each raffle ticket so we can count them to win one of the top seller prizes.

Please send the raffle ticket stubs filled out along with the cover stub (the student’s name, class, and amount being submitted).

Please enclose it with exact cash payment back in this envelope or an envelope marked ‘Raffle Tickets’ and put it in the TFC Dropbox behind the library (please see the photo below).

Please fill out the Re-Order Form below. Once we have received the request, we will deliver the tickets to your child’s teacher.

No problem! Please send them back in the envelope and we will allocate them to someone else.

The last day to submit your filled out stubs and payment is Wednesday, April 12 to the TFC Dropbox behind the library.

If you do not submit your stubs and payment, you will not be eligible to win any prizes.

TFC Dropbox behind the library (1F)

Raffle Race

Yes! Prizes for PYP and MYP students, grade, and teacher are available.

Admission tickets to:

  • Disneyland/DisneySea
  • Kidzania
  • Joypolis
  • Tondemi
  • Amazon Gift cards

End of year class party:

  • Carnival in the gym
  • Pizza party at Arisugawa Park

¥20,000 budget bump for their work space

Raffle Prizes

As we already mentioned above, there are lots of AMAZING prizes available this year! The list of prizes will be published on this website after Spring Break. Stay tuned!

  • Hotel stays
  • Fine dining experiences
  • BBQ grill
  • Coffee machine
  • Beauty & SPA salon vouchers
  • Wine

…and much more!

The list of prizes will be published on this website on after Spring Break.

We will draw most prizes on Thursday, April 13 and the top ten prizes on Saturday, April 15.

Please scan the QR code on the ticket or come back to our website for the list of winning numbers after those dates.

You can collect your prize(s) on the following dates:

  • Friday, April 14 before or after your parent-teacher conference
  • Saturday, April 15 at the Cherry Blossom Fair
  • By Monday, May 1 at TIS

After May 1, your prize(s) will be forfeited.

The prize pickup locations will be updated shortly. Please check back later!

We understand and are happy to reallocate your prize(s)! Please contact us.

Thank you for your help to make the Fair a success!

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