2023,  Spring Fair (FKA Cherry Blossom Fair)

Hey volunteers, sign up!

Now that Cherry Blossom Fair (CBF) is just around the corner and that raffle ticket sales will begin this week, our CBF Team is working tirelessly to get ready for the event!

It is impossible to run this fair without the help of (not kidding!) hundreds of volunteer hours. If you only volunteer once a year, now is the time! We have lots of roles – from food service to traffic management to helping the Talent Show and recalling your college days as a roadie for your favorite band! Sign up early to get your preferred booth!

Students also have the opportunity to help! This year, G3, G4, and G5 will have the chance to run their own booths, and MYP can sign up for many different jobs. If you’re MYP, please sign up for your preferred jobs. For G3, G4, and G5, please talk with your parents about signing up for your booth (and ask them to sign up for something, too!).

Please note that child care will be available during the set up on Friday, April 14 (yay!).

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