2023,  Spring Fair

2023 Cherry Blossom Fair Kick-Off

What a great Cherry Blossom Fair kick-off we had during the assembly last week! It was fun and exciting to see Gary, Howard, and Tess surprised us in their pink outfits (from head to toe…literally)! The TFC Team Leads then wowed the crowd with their amazingly entertaining Kick-off Dance.

The founders of our chosen charities, Mr. Michael Anop from Playground of Hope and Ms. Christey West (who is a current TIS mom) from Just Peoples, joined us to speak about the projects that our fundraising efforts would support.

Please take a look at the video clips below from both charities – you will get to learn more about how our fundraising efforts will impact many children and their communities within Japan as well as abroad.

Let’s hit our fundraising goal!

Like previous years, the raffle is one of our most important ways of raising funds for our charities. The goal this year is to sell 8000 tickets (two times what we achieved last year)! Each student was sent home with a packet containing more details as well as their first batch of raffle tickets to sell.

To ensure we have a real FUN-raising experience, there are prizes for the top-selling PYP and MYP students, as well as a Grand Prize for the top-selling grade!

Top-Selling Individual Prizes

1st2 tickets to Disneyland Tokyo
2nd2 tickets to Kidzania
3rd2 kids tickets to Tandem
1st2 tickets to Disneyland Tokyo
2nd2 tickets to Joypolis
3rd2 tickets to cinema (plus drink & snack)

Top-Selling Grade Prizes

Carnival in the gym
Pizza Party at Arisugawa

Top-Selling Teacher Prizes

1stBump up in class budget ¥20,000
2ndAmazon Gift Card

That’s not all! We always like to keep things exciting…

If MYP and PYP reach their ticket sales goals

PYP’s Target:
5,000 tickets
We get to slime Dave in a pink tutu.
MYP’s Target:
3,000 tickets
We get to shave Gary’s head

If we sell 10,000 tickets, we’ll get to dunk Dan in slime, too!

Last but not least, here’s the Kick-off Dance by the TFC Team leads. Enjoy!

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