2024,  Spring Fair (FKA Cherry Blossom Fair)

2024 Spring Fair – Need your help!

We’re on the lookout for a dedicated planning team to kickstart the TiS Spring Fair, formerly known as the Cherry Blossom Fair.

In order to ensure the success of this event, we urgently need to assemble a small group of enthusiastic Spring Fair planners. This presents a unique opportunity for you to contribute to our community alongside fellow passionate parents, fostering connections that may last a lifetime.

These four planning roles, already under the guidance of an appointed coordinator, aren’t entirely new; each position has been previously held by experienced volunteers from 2023 who are eager to share their insights, assistance, and advice.

If you had the pleasure of attending last year’s Cherry Blossom Fair, you’re well aware of the incredible and memorable experience it provided for our kids. For those who haven’t yet experienced a TiS Fair, here’s your chance to come aboard and discover the magic firsthand!

Donations for Online Silent Auction

This lead role is to work with a team (including volunteers from last years’ team) on the following:

  • Analyze, sort, and carefully select businesses from past records to contact for donation requests
  • Prepare letters/emails to send out for donation requests
  • Correspond with potential sponsors to collect donations
  • Catalog silent auction items for online launch
  • Set up the auction online, price point, and roll out
  • Coordinate prizes’ pickup and delivery to winners post online auction
  • Lead the plan the games aimed at PYP age children
  • Review the detailed template and research from 2023 that can be followed, added to and adjusted accordingly
  • Arrange purchasing of items if required with budget approval
  • Plan to set up and man requirements (e.g. number of volunteers required)
Bazaar – Used Books, Clothes and Toys

This lead role oversees the following:

  • Plan and roll out of coordinating donations from the community
  • Sort and store donated items leading up to the event
  • Plan the layout and price structure for the day
  • Plan to set up and man requirements (e.g. number of volunteers required)
  • Attend the planning meetings and take the minutes
  • Ensure collaboration of information
  • Set a schedule to ensure all information is shared in a timely manner from the team to the relevant school staff, parents, and local community

Please contact us if you have any questions!