Team Leads

Meet our 2022 – 2023 TFC Team Leads!

TFC Lead Coordinators & Vice Coordinator

Kim, Lead Coordinator
Chevorne, Lead Coordinator
Linda, Vice Coordinator

We, as lead coordinators, plan and chair meetings with the secretary, ensures that they run on time and that everyone’s views are heard. We get sign-off on all activities and events from the head-of-school, work with the treasurer to ensure financial accountability, and complete all actions in a timely manner. We also encourage parent involvement in the TFC and help new families integrate into life at TIS.

As the vice coordinator, I assume the lead role in the absence of the Coordinators and assist them in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

Cherry Blossom Fair Leads


We organize the largest fundraising event of the year, which takes place in April and features a variety of fun activities including games, arts and crafts, a talent show, a silent auction, and an art auction, as well as delicious international cuisine.

Communication – Marketing


I create visually appealing and eye-catching designs that effectively promote the various TFC activities. Through these designs, I aim to communicate essential information within the community as well as to individuals outside, generating awareness and fostering engagement.

Communication – Website


I manage the website, which includes collecting information from our team and turning it into engaging posts as well as updating our TFC calendar on the website, ensuring that everyone stays informed and up-to-date.

Community Events


I coordinate the Halloween event (“Fall Fling”) and other small social events, such as supermarket tours, shrine sales, and dirty dish tours throughout the year, to introduce and support TIS parents with life in Tokyo.



We organize various fundraising events throughout the year, such as Pizza, Popcorn, and Popsicle Days, used uniform sales, bake sales, and more. We enjoy seeing our children lit up with excitement for these ‘FUN-raising’ activities. All the proceeds will go towards our chosen charities.



I seek out, identify, prioritize, and coordinate grant requests for the TIS community. The scope includes new and upgraded works to playgrounds and school/classroom equipment and other opportunities as identified by TIS staff, students, parents as worthwhile opportunities for the benefit of the school community. 

Homeroom Parents


I recruit and onboard homeroom parents for each grade and help them stay on track throughout the year. Our homeroom parents are the glue of our community, welcoming and sending off families, celebrating class milestones, organizing social events, supporting our teachers, and more!

Parent Clubs


I coordinate all the fun activities of the various parent clubs by conducting a survey at the beginning of each school year to determine the community’s preferences, and then bringing these activities to life with the help of team leads.

Parent Workshops


I organize workshops in collaboration with TIS administration & teachers, parents, and special guests from outside the TIS Community. These informative workshops are held in a casual setting and focus on such topics as education, parenting, local culture, health and wellbeing. 



I ensure that our discussions are accurately recorded, notify the school community of upcoming meetings, manage correspondence, and prepare minutes and actions taken on any decisions. Additionally, I communicate any updates to be included in the school weekly newsletter.

Staff Appreciation


I am responsible for coordinating the annual Staff Appreciation lunch, which involves organizing food donations from parents and purchasing gifts with the funds raised. My primary objective is to demonstrate our appreciation to the teachers and faculty for their hard work and dedication to our children and the TIS community.



I maintain precise financial records of all receipts and expenses, ensure timely payment of authorized accounts, deposit all funds regularly, provide monthly financial reports to keep the TFC informed, and manage bank statements by reconciling deposits and payments with bank records.

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